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16/01/2016 - Release of "!3dBall" for Risc OS. Another GLSL experiment ported to assembler.  

16/09/2015 - Release of "fishy" and "aldeshul" for x86. Two tiny 256 byte DOS intros released at "Outline" and "Function" demo party this year.  

05/03/2015 - Update of "!radix_sort" for Risc OS  

25/11/2014 - Release of "!BasicASMv6v7" for Risc OS. Provides a work-around to assemble ARM v6/v7 opcodes within the Basic Assembler.  

03/11/2014 - Update of "!radix_sort" for Risc OS  

22/10/2014 - Release of "!radix_sort" for Risc OS  

03/01/2014 - Created the "VFP/NEON" section, some hopefully useful information for VFP/NEON assembly coders.  

15/12/2013 - Release of "GLSL without GLSL" for Risc OS  

22/06/2012 - Release of "!FracZoom" for Risc OS  

13/03/2012 - Release of "!iq_tunnel" and "PB_CPUdetect" for Risc OS and VFPBasic_Examples (FracNeon/FracVFP/BiliZo) updated for Pandaboard.  

20/10/2011 - More results added for KMB V 0.53I. AMD Bulldozer and C-50 added.  

29/08/2011 - Adaption of "BiLiZo" added to the VFPBasic_Examples.  

09/08/2011 - VFPBasic_Examples added in the Risc OS section. Some applications to use with the VFP/NEON compatible BBC Basic Assembler done by TBA Software for the Beagle Board.  

20/03/2011 - !MemSpeed added in the Risc OS section. Some applications for memory transfer speed testing, especially regarding the Beagle Board.  

27/01/2011 - FracNEON updated to V0.2, 25% speed increase, now comparable code (okay, still single precision) to my x86 stuff.  

22/01/2011 - More results added for KMB V 0.53I. Especially for the new Intel Sandy Bridge CPU's.  

14/01/2011 - FracNEON and FracVFP added for Risc OS. Demonstrates the use of the NEON and VFP processor units of the Cortex-A8 CPU on the Beagle Board.  

26/09/2010 - Added a special tuned version called "FixFrac_64BitMUL" of FixFrac for Risc OS, also to compare directly to my x86 results. The file is added in the same archive like the original version, also a ReadMe was added.  

15/09/2010 - FireBench for Risc OS updated for better compatibility with the BeagleBoard  

07/06/2009 - KMB V 0.53I - SSE4.1 version added, just a small change but gaining about 2% on SSE4.1 capable CPU's.  

10/04/2009 - More results added.  

11/01/2009 - KMB V 0.53I - Version released, minor changes regarding threading and result display and Windows issues.  

13/11/2008 - More results added. Especially Intel Core i7 920.  

04/09/2008 - More results added. Especially Via Nano and Intel Atom provide interesting data.  

22/06/2008 - More results added.  

01/06/2008 - KMB V 0.53H - Version released, another up to 40 % faster FPU version. SSE2 version changed also to 3 times loop unrolling, giving another plus of up to 14 %.  

13/04/2008 - KMB V 0.53G - Version released, finally a 40 to 90 % faster FPU version. Good old thing isn't dead yet. SSE2 version unchanged.  

02/04/2008 - KMB V 0.53F - Version released, almost 20 % faster than KMB V 0.53E by implementing 6 exits of the inner loop and doing the iteration count in integer.  

03/02/2008 - More results added. Strange behaviour of the Hyperthreading CPU's.  

17/01/2008 - KMB V 0.53E - Version, seems to be best for AMD and INTEL except Pentium M.  

13/01/2008 - KMB V 0.53D - Version, another speed up and now also seperate AMD and INTEL optimized versions.  

05/01/2008 - KMB V 0.53C - Version, major speedup by implementing lots of ideas from Xorpd/Quickman code.  

08/12/2007 - First KMB - AMD Phenom Results - Major Update of the KMB Benchmark table (x86 stuff) and also added the results and link of Xorpd!s x64 OS version called KMB V 0.57.  

11/07/2006 - KMB V 0.53 MT released, major bugfix for systems with more than 4 CPU cores. More results.  

29/06/2006 - Major Update of the KMB Benchmark table (x86 stuff).  

08/06/2006 - KMB V 0.52 MT released, supports now up to 16 threads, so multi cpu systems benefit a lot, also dual core hyper threading CPUs. Only neglectable speed loss for other CPUs.  

21/05/2006 - Updated the KMB Benchmark table (x86 stuff) again. Lot's of KMB V 0.5 results replaced or taken out.  

14/05/2006 - KMB V 0.51 MT released, only minor change, slightly differen results.  

11/05/2006 - KMB V 0.5 MT Results updated, very interesting values for hyper-threading CPU's.  

08/05/2006 - KMB V 0.5 MT released. Old versions and results obsolete. Now supports Multi-Threading, achieving almost double perfomrace on dual core CPUs !  

30/04/2006 - Updated the KMB Benchmark table (x86 stuff) again.  

24/04/2006 - Updated the KMB Benchmark table (x86 stuff) with lots of results. Also a INCLUDE directory for FASM to compile it successfully is available for download now.  

17/04/2006 - Finaly online, including my x86 and Java code.